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Maxine and Ashley realise that it's not Fred's snoring that is keeping them awake - it's Eve's. Dennis pushes Janice about when they are going to move. Janice stalls him. Vik invites Bobbi to his flat for Christmas. Sam moves into No.5 - the lights fuse. Tony Lawson threatens Richard that he wants his money back by Monday. Steve is still not talking to Karen. Roy and Hayley are worried about the soup kitchen project. Geena has to lie to Urmila Alahan on the phone, pretending that her and Dev are going to Madrid for Christmas. Geena is not happy about it but Dev finds it amusing. Richard tells Gail that he had provisionally booked two flights to Montreal on Christmas Eve. Gail is unsure whether she could leave Sarah and David. Eve is upset that Ashley and Maxine found out about her snoring. Roy tells Curly that he must do something about the soup kitchen being cancelled for Christmas Day. Liz phones Steve and tells him she wants to sell No.11. Sarah and David are disappointed that they aren't invited to Canada but agree that Gail should go. Martin and Sally agree to have the kids. Steve and Karen make up. Roy is dismayed that Curly can't help with the soup kitchen. Sam sets up the tree and Christmas lights for Les and Toyah. Les feels lonely when Sam and Toyah go out. Richard tells Gail that he is taking her to Canada to bring them closer together.


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