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Fiz is fed up because Tyrone says that he has to have Christmas dinner with Jack and Vera. Ken tells Roy that there's a meeting of the Weatherfield Historical Society and offers to give him a lift to it. Roy is surprised as he didn't know anything about it but agrees to go. Fiz plans a surprise for Tyrone's birthday. She orders a takeaway dinner from Roy which she intends to pass off as her own cooking. Janice apologises to Dennis for flying off the handle. Ashley and Maxine tell Fred about his snoring keeping them awake. Fred looks uncomfortable. Fred later tells Eve that it is she who snores and not him - he admits that he's been wearing earplugs for weeks. Eileen tells Les that Dennis and Janice are moving to Sheffield. Les is furious as he thinks he's the last to know. Ken and Roy turn up at Anita Scott's house for the meeting to find they are the only ones there. Anita looks put out at Roy's presence; she was obviously hoping to get Ken on his own. Duggie decides that he's going to auction the Rovers off to the highest bidder.


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