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Dennis spots Fiz coming out of No.9 but promises Tyrone not to say anything. Dev and Geena tell Duggie that they're interested in buying the Rovers. Shelley and Eve are not happy about it. Dennis tells Eileen that he and Janice are moving to Sheffield. Sam overhears the row and tells Toyah. Toyah tells Janice that she doesn't mind if she moves. Janice asks Toyah how she found out and she tells Janice about Dennis's row with Eileen. Janice realises that Dennis only wants to move because Eileen has told him to get out of Weatherfield. Janice is furious. Ken attends the "What's on in Weatherfield" Christmas do and reports back that he found it boring. Peter and Shelley also decide to put in for the Rovers, Peter would put up the money if he can get a bank loan and Shelley would run it. Maxine passes her driving test. Dennis accuses Janice of being the one who doesn't really want to move because she can't bear to be away from Les.


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