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Richard and Gail make up and Richard stays the night at No.8. David is upset about this. David talks to Matt about the situation and feels a bit better. David decides he likes Matt. Todd tells Candice he can't go out with her that evening as he's promised Eileen that he'll stay in and have a takeaway with her and Jason. Candice is angry and insists that he cancels his evening with his mum. Duggie explains to the staff that he's selling the Rovers so that he can buy the lease on the rugby club's bar. They are worried about the future of their jobs. Anita tracks down Ken and flatters him by telling him she would like to do an article about him for "What's on in Weatherfield". Ashley asks Fred and Eve if they would like to move in with him and Maxine while they are having the decorating done. They agree to the idea. Janice feels sorry for Les and helps him with his shopping. Dennis is annoyed and tells Les to leave Janice alone. Sarah and Candice make up. Todd and Jason both let Eileen down at the last minute leaving her to eat alone. She is very fed up. Tyrone buys a mobile phone for himself and leather jackets for both him and Fiz from the illegal money which he's earned. Geena tells Dev that she's going to try and buy the Rovers.


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