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Tyrone is rough after his night out with Fiz. Eileen sees Vik in the cafe and pesters him to give Les his job back. Vik says he will think about it. Vik sees Les later that day and tell him to start work straight away. Geena is full of Christmas spirit. Eve tells Shelley she has reservations about living in Fred's house, because it is where he lived with his first wife. Duggie overhears this and tells Fred. Janice and Dennis go to the Rovers at lunchtime. Eileen and Les are also there and they all argue. Eileen throws Les's pint over Janice. Peter invites Shelley to Ken and Deirdre's for Christmas. She's not thrilled, but accepts. Fred tells Eve she can decorate the entire house to suit her taste. Eve is pleased but suggests it would be better if they moved to a smaller house. This idea stuns Fred. Gail has a heart-to-heart with Eileen and gets upset because she's sure she's lost Richard for good.


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