Toyah is trying to help Les now Janice has left him. Janice and Dennis have the spent the night in a B&B but are now looking for a flat. They find one to rent on Chapman Street. Eileen is terribly upset about Dennis. Todd tries to be supportive. Jason feels very hurt. Jack nips off to his allotment again. Vera is sure that he's seeing Brenda Kelly and thinks he must be meeting her in his shed. Vera follows Jack to the shed where she finds Terry. She is amazed to find that Jack has been helping his son. Karl Harper calls on Kevin again to see if he's interested in illegally clocking cars. Kevin tells him to leave. Karl then approaches Tyrone to see if he's interested. Les is in a bad way. He's drinking too much. He puts 10cc's "I'm not in Love" on the record player and sobs uncontrollably.


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