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Terry has got Jack over a barrel. Jack can't call the police because then Vera will find out that he's turned his own son over to the cops and would never forgive him. He strikes a bargain with Terry and tells him that he will sort out somewhere for him to hide for a couple of nights if he leaves before Vera gets home. He puts Terry up in the shed on the allotment. Vera knows nothing about Terry's visit. Emma persuades Charlie to attend an antenatal class with her. Charlie agrees under sufferance so long as Matt doesn't find out. Vera overhears Brenda Kelly, the lollipop lady who's taken over Jack's job singing Jack's praises and Vera tells her to keep her hands off her husband. Dennis and Janice discuss how they are going to break the news to Eileen and Les. Sam is all over Toyah now that she's decided to stay. Toyah is still unsure about Sam.


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