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Janice is determined to make a go of it with Les and suggests they have a night out. Sam is worried that Toyah still has feelings for Spider. Molly gives Kevin his keys back in the Rovers. Everyone is watching. Kevin is annoyed and he announces to the pub that he and Molly are just friends. She agrees to give it another try and they go back to the flat together. The police turn up at No.9 looking for Terry. Terry's solicitor, Jo Doyle then turns up and Jack finds out that Vera has spent £3,000 of their money on legal fees. Jack is angry and Vera is upset. Vik gets his car back and finds Fiz's knickers under the back seat only he doesn't know that they're hers. Emily consults Richard about her finances. She agrees to his suggestion of a home reversion plan - where she sells the house to a company who pay her a lump sum upfront and the rest in monthly instalments, guaranteed for life. Emily tells Spider of her plan and persuades him to accept the lump sum as his inheritance, only she will still be alive to watch him enjoy it. He eventually agrees. Spider tries to persuade Toyah to come to London with him. Toyah refuses but she is very confused and they hug. Back in the flat, Molly and Kevin start kissing.


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