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It's Jack's sixty-fifth birthday. Everyone is too busy wondering who's got it in for Mike to wonder why Dennis and Janice were in the factory together. Jack goes to work on the crossing and finds Brenda Kelly is already there in uniform. She says she'd heard that he was retiring. Jack goes to see Curly as his local councillor to try and sort it out. Later Curly tells Jack that he is indeed finished as when the council came to review his position he was in the bookies. Vik and Steve buy champagne to celebrate Street Cars being a success. Jimmy tells Mike that the firework was just a warning. Les has noticed that Janice has been quiet with him. He suggests going to a friend's timeshare in Tenerife. It sleeps four; he invites Eileen and Dennis to join them. Dennis tries to put him off but Eileen says she's got the money so they can go. At the party, Stan Wagstaff sees Betty for the first time in ages but she doesn't remember him. Andrea and Paul Clayton turn up and Jack is pleased to see them. Maria tells Jack that she's named a greyhound after him - Jack's Bullet. Fiz turns up just as Maria is helping Tyrone wrap Jack's present. She isn't impressed. Fiz gives Jack a hand-held television much to Tyrone's surprise. At the Rovers, Janice says she wants an early night when Dennis offers to buy everyone another drink. Dennis is angry when Les says she must have seen him looking at Sunita and there's nothing like jealousy to turn her on. An unlit firework drops through Mike's letterbox. He opens the door and Jimmy is standing there. Jimmy offers to tell people that Linda has been in touch to put Mike in the clear - for £1,000.


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