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Richard persuades Gail to have a bonfire party. Candice copies Sarah's homework, as she was busy working in the factory last night. Helen Cooper pulls up outside the factory. Mike is pleased to see her. Eve sees them and is not amused. As Gail invites people in the Rovers to the party, Les tells Richard he knows a mate who has some cheap fireworks. Vera goes to see Jo Doyle who says she will take on Terry's case. Vera says that money is not a problem. Mike and Helen walk into the Rovers laughing just as Jimmy and Eve are discussing the fact that Mike was not picked out at the identity parade. Eve shouts at Mike saying he won't get away with it. Helen is not impressed and gets up and leaves. The party is a washout as the fireworks Les bought are damp. Matt and Charlie save the day by offering to share theirs and have a joint party. Later at the party, Ashley comments that he loves watching kids' faces and by this time next year they will have their own child to take to bonfire parties. Matt and Maxine's eyes meet. David and Simon Green take the last firework and Simon suggests putting it through someone's letterbox. Dennis offers to go home to get Eileen a coat but ends up going to see Janice in the factory. They end up in a passionate clinch on the floor. As Janice and Dennis are semi-clothed, a lit firework comes through the letterbox. With the factory alight, a crowd gathers outside. Dennis and Janice emerge covered in smoke stains after Dennis manages to put the fire out. Gail asks David if he did it but Simon produces the firework which is unused. Mike glances up and spots Jimmy, who winks at him.


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