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Mike is convinced the writing on the mirror was done by Jimmy. Sarah admits to Candice that she's really keen on Luke Ashton. Janice has thrown Les out and he asks Dennis to have a word with her. Sunita arranges to go clubbing with Vik and Bobbi. Duggie invites himself along. He turns up wearing a rugby shirt and sports jacket much to Sunita's embarrassment. Fred tells Eve that Mike has hired a private detective to find Linda. Eve reckons that he's just trying to cover his tracks. The police tell Mike that he's wanted in an identity parade. Mike is worried. Vera is still hell-bent on getting Terry a decent lawyer. Dennis goes to see Janice. They are in the middle of holding each other when Les arrives at the door. Janice lets him in and for a moment she is tempted to tell him about her and Dennis but she doesn't and resigns herself to having him back. Les is delighted. Kevin goes round to Molly's flat. She is there alone and petrified. He asks her to move into his flat with him purely as a flatmate and she agrees.


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