Having spoken to Mike for the name of a good defence lawyer, Vera wants to withdraw all their savings to pay for one for Terry but Jack refuses. Rita tells Audrey that she's posted a letter to Anthony telling him that it's over. Urmila Alahan takes Geena out for lunch as she says she wants to get to know her better. She asks Geena not to tell Dev. Jimmy forces his way into Mike's flat and threatens him. Mike tells Fred what happened with Jimmy. Eve sees him talking to Mike and is furious. Fred gets Eve in the car and against her will drives her round to Mike's flat. He wants Eve to hear Mike's side of the story. Mike tries to explain to Eve why he lied about the passport but she is still convinced that he murdered Linda. Janice and Dennis are kissing in the garage and are almost caught by Tyrone. Les surprises Janice by suggesting they go on holiday as a late anniversary present. He suggests that Eileen and Dennis join them. Janice and Dennis have to conceal their horror at the thought of this. Eileen, however, is very keen.


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