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Jack turns up at a B&B near Brentworth Prison to tell Vera that he is taking her home - he still refuses to see Terry but waits for Vera outside. Rita receives a letter from Anthony asking her to join him in New Zealand but she decides against it. Mike keeps getting calls hanging-up on his mobile and after Janice tells him about events at the factory the night before, he realises it must be Jimmy. Vera begs Jack not to give up on his son. Terry apologises for letting Vera go through with the operation. Charlie expresses her concern to Matt that Luke Ashton is hanging around. Later she finds him outside No.6 again and invites him in for a drink and a chat. Terry explains to Vera that he was fitted up by the policeman in charge of the case because he had been sleeping with his wife. Shelley books a hypnotist, The Great Orlando, for Halloween. Mike buys Dennis a drink as a thank-you for the night before and Janice asks Mike to keep it quiet. Dennis tells Janice that he doesn't want to hurt Eileen or Les but he can't stop thinking about her and they end up kissing again.


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