Eileen has a lovely surprise birthday: Champagne in the Café, a brass band and tickets to Paris. She thanks Dennis and kisses him, but he looks wistfully at Janice. Dev disappears off for the day leaving Geena very upset about the whole parents' issue. Sunita has dinner with Duggie in the Rovers and kisses him. Eve is still worrying about Linda and she's sure that there's something wrong. Duggie tells her that Mike doesn't seem at all worried, in fact quite the opposite. Ken helps Peter out in Barlow's Bookies as he's short-staffed. Roy places a bet on a horse called "Hayley's Hero" at 33-1 and it wins. When Dev returns Geena tells him she's leaving. Although she loves him she doesn't want to come between him and his family. Dev stops her and produces a ring from his pocket. He asks her to marry him and they get engaged.


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