Duggie and Sunita arrange to go out on another date. Candice has arranged to go out with the girls from the factory where she works and asks Sarah to cover for her. Shelley says that she will return the £5,000 to Rob Lucas. Peter has to distract him while Shelley pushes the envelope into his jacket pocket. Shelley gets the wrong jacket. She puts the money in Ken's jacket instead. Peter has to explain himself to Ken. He is appalled with Peter and threatens to go to the Police unless Peter returns the money immediately. Charlie has a meeting with the Headmistress, Miss Johnson, Luke Ashton who has owned up to the graffiti and Luke's mum, Pam Hargreaves. Charlie is shocked to find that as Pam is her own mother, Luke is therefore her own half-brother. Geena meets Dev's parents. She gets on well with his father, Ranjiv but Dev's mother, Urmila obviously doesn't think Geena is good enough for Dev. She wishes that he'd settle down with someone professional.


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