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Geena decides to have it out with her mother. Gill Gregory admits that she is against the relationship as Dev is too old and a Hindu. Geena is shocked. Dennis wants to organise something for Eileen's fortieth birthday but Eileen just wants to forget about it. Rob Lucas hears that someone has put in a higher offer for the bookies. He fires Peter. Peter leaves without a fuss knowing that soon the bookies will be his. Sarah and Candice tell Luke Ashton to own up as it's not fair that Todd is taking the brunt of Luke's actions. Candice skives off school again to go and work in the factory. Peter decides that he's got to pay Rob back the £5,000 so that Shelley will go out with him again. He waits until Rob is working late and then tries to break into his car with the intention of leaving the money on the seat. Unfortunately the car alarm goes off and Peter has to make a run for it, still with the money. Charlie gets a call to say someone has owned up to the graffiti. She apologises to Todd. Sunita goes out for dinner with Duggie. Dev suggests that Geena should meet his parents. Geena agrees.


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