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Eileen, Todd and Charlie have a meeting with the headmistress, Miss Johnson, about the graffiti. Todd is still being blamed and both he and Eileen lose their tempers and both end up being excluded from the school, in Todd's case for five days. Miss Johnson then tells Charlie off and suggests she might have a drink problem. Duggie sends Sunita a big bunch of flowers and they make up. After a very tense day of betting, Peter manages to turn his £5,000 into £50,000 - enough to buy the bookies. Steve placed the £5,000 on a horse at 10-1 which won. Peter then placed £25,000 on City to beat Weatherfield County FC in a football match and turned it into £50,000. Steve lost the other £25,000. Ashley has his stitches out but is still a bit sore. Maxine is relieved as she feels so guilty. Geena invites her parents round to Dev's flat for Sunday lunch.


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