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One of Charlie's pupils, Luke Ashton, writes "Mrs Ramsden is a alky" across the blackboard in her classroom. Charlie walks in on Todd trying to wipe it off and assumes he was responsible. Maxine breaks down in the salon and confesses to Audrey about sleeping with Matt. Audrey tells her not to throw everything away over a drunken fling by telling Ashley. Sunita asks Duggie out for a drink but he tells her that he's seeing someone else - Shelley. Dev takes Deirdre to the optician and buys her a pair of designer-framed specs to replace the ones he broke. Peter tells Steve about the money but Steve is blasé about the whole thing. Sam asks Ken which film he should take Toyah to see and Ken recommends "Being John Malkovich". Dev surprises Geena by moving all her stuff into his flat. Geena is delighted. Duggie cooks Shelley a meal. She has a lovely time until he tries to kiss her. She is shocked and pushes him away telling him that as far as she is concerned they're just mates. She beats a retreat. Duggie can't believe it.


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  • This episode was transmitted on ITV1 at 9.45pm due to coverage of Champions League football however it received its first true transmission on ITV2 at the normal time of 7.30pm.
  • TV Times synopsis: Duggie gets his wires crossed over Shelley, and Dev helps Deirdre choose her new glasses.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,200,000 viewers (15th place - combined figure including repeat but excluding ITV2 first transmission). ITV2 UK broadcast - 670,000 viewers (1st place for the channel)
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