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Charlie goes to visit her real mother for the first time. Her mother - Pam Hargreaves - doesn't seem at all pleased to see her and says she has her own family now. The reunion ends bitterly. Karen and Steve make up. Steve comes to an arrangement with Peter - he won't go to the police but instead Peter has to agree to let Steve punch him in the Rovers in front of lots of people. Peter then explains to Shelley that the punch was all for show and that Karen agreed to provide him with an alibi for cash. Shelley then realises that it was Peter who stole the money from the bookies and tells him she doesn't want to go out with a thief. Toyah decides to finish with Sam but Sam persuades her to give him one more week. Matt and Maxine make an effort to start behaving normally towards each other to allay suspicion. Edna's funeral takes place and the funeral party goes back to the Rovers afterwards. Edna's equally miserable sister Iris Merry turns up.


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