Ashley invites Emma, Curly, Matt and Charlie round for a drink. Maxine and Matt feel very uncomfortable in each other's company. Richard calls to see Gail but she is busy doing family things. Richard feels very left out and says so then leaves. Later he calls round and apologises. Tyrone feels very down and angry towards Fiz who did all the chasing. Rob Lucas tells Vik and Bobbi about Karen sleeping with Peter. Soon everybody knows. Steve tells Vik the truth but asks him to keep it to himself. Vik works out that it must have been Peter who broke into the Betting Shop. The girls start to question Karen about sleeping with Peter but she can't answer them. Rob tells Shelley that Peter has slept with Karen. Shelley is very angry. Maria comes looking for Tyrone hoping for an apology but Tyrone is drunk. Maria gives him her ring back and leaves upset. Shelley has a go at Peter in the Rovers accusing him of sleeping with Karen. Steve drags Karen out and is furious with her. He feels everyone is laughing at him. Karen storms off. Steve goes back to the Rovers and tells Peter that he's going to the Police to tell them everything.


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