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Shelley had a lovely time with Peter and they are now an item. Peter asks Ken if he will lend him the £43,000 needed to buy the bookies. Ken says he'll think about it. Edna says she can sense death and thinks it will be Duggie who dies. Steve and Karen move into No.12. Karen is still not satisfied as she wants a swanky flat in town. Karen invites Norris and Rita for drinks and tells Steve that she's going to keep inviting them until he buys her the flat she wants. Duggie tries to warn Shelley off Peter but she tells him that he's just jealous. Mike speaks to his solicitor who tells him he could be divorced in six months if they can prove that they have tried hard to find Linda but failed. Kevin apologises to Molly for his behaviour the previous night. Kevin then apologises to Sally but ends up having a fight with Martin. He leaves in a rage. Candice tells Sarah that she's going to get a night job in a factory. Curly is promoted to area manager of Freshco's. Emma is concerned that he will no longer want to become a house-husband and she will have to give up her job.


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