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Linda is moving in on Mark but Mark is adamant that he doesn't fancy her any more. Mike has been watching and listening to the whole conversation - he sees Linda for what she really is. Fred explains to Eve that he was simply comforting Audrey and that there's nothing between them any more. Fred and Eve make up and the wedding is back on. Mike and Linda have a huge fight. He slaps her and pushes her into his car. The wedding takes place; Maxine is Eve's witness as nobody can find Linda. After their row Linda makes off in Mike's car. Mike tells Mark that he's divorcing her as soon as possible. Fred and Eve leave for their honeymoon - Venice followed by a Mediterranean cruise. Jimmy and Ryan steal a car and drive off in it. Maxine and Ashley discover that Linda has gone leaving all her possessions still in the bedroom.


Regular cast[]

Guest cast[]


  • Paisley Bridge Hotel - Function room, guest bedrooms and exterior


  • This episode features the final appearance of Linda Baldwin however the character is played by a double and is seen in long shot and from behind only as Jacqueline Chadwick was preparing to go on maternity leave but fell ill and refused to return to film exit scenes. Archive audio of her voice was used in shots where the double's face was obscured, so she remained credited on the transmitted episode.
  • Last appearance of Mark Redman until 3rd April 2006.
  • This episode was recorded totally on location at Nunsmere Hall on Tarporley Road in Cheshire.
  • TV Times synopsis: Mike is pushed to breaking point, while Fred and Eve face a crucial decision.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 12,420,000 viewers (9th place - combined figure including repeat).
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