Sally calls at Gail's house with the intention of telling her about her and Martin. To Sally's surprise, before she can say anything, Gail tells Sally that she thinks Martin fancies her. Sally panics and tells Gail that she doesn't fancy Martin. Later Sally discusses the situation with Martin and he suggests that they keep quiet for a bit and let Gail act as Cupid between them. Maxine, out practising her driving, very nearly kills Blanche. Emma saves Blanche by diving in and pushing her out of the way. Maxine feels so guilty she daren't face anyone. Richard buys Sarah and David a new television. Fred accuses Duggie of milking the situation over Eve's wages. Mike is barely speaking to Linda who is very upset as a result. Mike phones his solicitor to set the divorce wheels in motion. Toyah is delighted to hear that Phil Simmonds has changed his plea again to "guilty" which means there won't be a trial. Eve tells Linda that Mike's wallet is in the right place. Unfortunately Audrey overhears her and thinks that she's talking about Fred.


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