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Fiz calls to see Roy. He's feeling very down and seems to be neglecting himself and the flat. Fiz tells him that he needs to be strong for Hayley's sake. Eileen refuses to go back to work until she gets an apology from Karen. She doesn't get one and is shocked to learn that Karen has now got her old job on the Street Cars radio. Sally asks Martin to keep away as it's unfair on Gail. Martin agrees. However, Sally realises she can't live without him and calls round to his flat. They kiss passionately. Roy visits Hayley and tells her about visiting Sheila Hayes. Richard sorts out Audrey's inherited money for her. Eve admits to Fred that she's lost her job. She didn't tell him before because she knew that he would insist on paying for things and she didn't want to appear a gold-digger. Stan Wagstaff who has the allotment next to Jack says he'll work Jack's allotment for him and from the potatoes he grows he'll make Irish moonshine whiskey. Jack agrees. Wayne calls to see Roy. He explains to Wayne that they aren't allowed to see each other and that Hayley is in prison. Wayne leaves feeling very troubled.


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