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Dev cancels his date with Geena because he has to work. Sunita decides to make Dev jealous to keep him on his toes. She tells Dev how gorgeous Geena is and how many men fancy her. Dev is put out and Sunita's plan is working. Roy goes to visit Hayley in prison. He tries to persuade Hayley to agree to the terms of bail conditions but she refuses. Soon he realises that all the girls inside know about Hayley's past. Roy is appalled and very distressed when he leaves. Sarah is busy collecting signatures for her petition in support of Roy and Hayley. Richard agrees to give Audrey some financial advice for her future. Sally says goodbye to Rosie and Sophie who leave for Florida with Kevin. Hayley has her radio stolen in prison and is about to report the matter but is warned that she'll regret it if she does. David is being sulky and difficult over Richard coming for dinner the following day. Audrey tells Eve that she thinks she's a gold-digger. Eve tells Audrey to back off. Fiz tells Roy that she thinks both he and Hayley are very kind and that she knows they would have had Wayne's best interests at heart.


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