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Roy is very worried about Hayley. Peter Hartnell calls round and tries to placate Roy, but Roy tells Peter what he thinks of him and social services and throws Peter out. Later Roy breaks down on Rita. He feels cowardly for not speaking out in court like Hayley did. Hayley is having a horrible time in prison. The girls have recognised her as the transsexual in the papers. Audrey inherits £40,000 from Alma, Gail a small amount and Roy and Hayley also a small amount. Steve and Karen arrive back from their honeymoon. Mike offers Karen her old job back but she turns it down but doesn't tell Steve. Eileen suggests they have an anniversary party for Street Cars - even though it's been going fifteen months. Eve arranges to meet Fred at No.4. When she gets there she finds Maxine in tears. Maxine tells her that yet again she's found she is not pregnant. Eve consoles her and Maxine and Eve start to thaw towards one another.


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