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Wayne tells his mum and Alex that he's going to tell the police everything; that Roy and Hayley didn't kidnap him as he was living with them with his parents' permission. Alex says that if he does that he will make his mum look like a liar and then she will be locked up instead. Wayne feels his plan has been foiled. Roy is interviewed by the police. He tells them that it's all his fault and that Hayley never wanted to go along with it. Roy tells the police that they had no choice but to take Wayne away as he was being beaten by Alex. He explains how Alex demanded money in exchange for Wayne. Hayley is interviewed by the police and insists that she is equally responsible for what happened. A social worker calls at Wayne's house to check everything is okay. Wayne daren't tell them the truth. Kevin explains to the lads that he had to pay Weatherfield Windows a kick-back in exchange for the work and that's why they didn't get their bonuses. The lads agree to go back to work. Roy and Hayley appear before the magistrate. They are both given bail on condition they don't have any contact with Wayne. Hayley refuses to agree and is remanded in custody.


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