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Toyah has received a letter from Phil Simmonds asking her to go and visit him in prison, as he wants to apologise to her. Les and Janice are appalled by the idea and they desperately try to get Toyah to see sense. Toyah wants some unbiased advice and goes round to see Charlie. Charlie has got problems of her own because Matt has moved out. She breaks down in front of Toyah and she doesn't know where he is staying. Maxine accidentally spills the beans that he is staying with them. The girls have a row. Maxine offers to babysit Bethany as Gail has invited Richard for dinner at No.8. After dinner they kiss and she leads him upstairs. Kevin explains the situation with Alan Rush to Molly but he still agrees to do business with him. Vera doesn't want Jack to keep the allotment he inherited from Jimmy Kelly, but he is adamant. He explains to Tyrone why every man needs an allotment; to get peace from their wives!


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