Martin, Sally, Roy and Hayley are at the campsite for a short holiday with Sarah, Todd, David, Sophie, Rosie and Wayne. David is growing bored and scares Sarah when they go for a walk, saying that he has seen a man lurking in the woods. Martin and Sarah are both concerned it is Gary Adams. Wayne, David and Rosie go for a walk and break into an old hut. David larks around and locks Wayne in. They see a man and run off leaving Wayne. When they go back, Wayne is gone so they alert the adults. They are about to go and look for him when he is returned by the man. He is only the campsite warden and everybody is relieved but the children get told off. Hayley is very nervous about the situation with Wayne and all the lying but Roy reassures her, even though he is worried too. Todd and Sarah are getting closer and he invites her to a disco but she says no. There is some subtle chemistry between Martin and Sally.


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