Peter offers to take Adam into town and Linda reluctantly agrees. Candice continues to tease Sarah about her 'internet boyfriend', Gary. Sarah thinks she is just jealous. Adam confides in Peter that he is sick of Mike and Linda always arguing - he is upset because he likes Linda. Gail tells Sally that she should go on the camping trip seeing as Kevin can't make it. She agrees. There is tension between Matt and Charlie; they aren't speaking due to the conversation they had the night before about children. Toyah asks Sam if he wants to get a video with her that evening - he says yes. Geena makes up with Dev and accepts the key to his flat so she can come and go as she pleases. Richard asks Gail out for a drink which she accepts. At the open evening Roy is impressed with Wayne's work but uncomfortable that Gail, Martin and Charlie are talking about them. Gail receives news that Sarah never does her homework. Mike is cross with Linda for leaving Adam with Peter and this upsets Adam. Toyah and Sam have a nice evening until they kiss, this frightens Toyah and she leaves. Les spills the beans to Alex Swinton that Hayley used to be a man. Charlie and Matt have another row about children, she's not sure if she can trust him yet. Sarah arranges to meet Gary.


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