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Alma is back home in bed. Mike and Molly nurse her round the clock. Linda calls in and pleads with Mike to let her help as he looks so tired. Mike tells her he doesn't want her there but she ignores him. Ken calls to see Alma and both he and Mike hold Alma's hands while she drifts in and out of consciousness. Alex Swinton calls on Roy and Hayley to see if they've made a decision about Wayne. He lowers his price to £5,000. Roy tells him that they accept the offer. Alma is asking for Audrey but she isn't back from London yet. Audrey arrives back to be told that Alma hasn't got long to live and to see her as soon as possible. Audrey arrives in Alma's bedroom and talks to her but as she does Matt takes Alma's pulse and tells the company around the bed that she has died.


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