Audrey, Gail, Sarah and Bethany set off for London. Duggie receives his application form for Pub Landlord of the Year. Molly and Kevin are getting on well having been to the cinema the night before. Karen lets slip to Janice that Mike has been away with Alma and that Linda is furious. Mike and Alma arrive back from the Lake District. He drops Alma off at Audrey's house and goes to the factory to find it shut. He goes to the flat and catches Linda with Harvey coming out of the bathroom. Mike and Linda have a blazing row. Linda says she's divorcing him. Mike tells her that Alma is worth a hundred of her. Roy and Hayley pay a visit to Sheila Hayes to try and persuade her to tell the truth about Wayne and the abuse he suffers at the hands of Alex Swinton. She closes the door on them. Mike tells Ken and one or two others in the Rovers about Alma's cancer. Peter Hartnell calls on Roy and Hayley. He tells them they've become too emotionally involved and they are being suspended from the fostering list. They are gutted. Linda breaks down and cries on Karen. She knows she's blown it with Mike. Mike tells Alma he's changed his mind and that he wants to spend what little time she has left with her.


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  • This extra episode was transmitted at 8.00pm.
  • TV Times synopsis: Roy and Hayley receive shocking information, and the news of Alma's illness spreads down the Street.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 13,100,000 viewers (9th place).
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