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Ashley is dismissive of Maxine in the morning. She suggests a holiday but he storms out, reminding her of his fear of flying. Vik is obviously growing tired of Karen and tells Steve. Karen nags Steve for money for the dinner party and takes more than she needs. Ashley talks to Curly about his fertility problems and Curly tells him talk to Maxine. Hayley bumps into Sheila and Wayne Hayes in The Kabin. She takes them to the cafe for some lunch. Molly buys Kevin a present to thank him for his help and tells him she is going to Citizen's Advice. Rita wants to go and visit Mavis in Cartmel, and Anthony tells her that he will cover for her in The Kabin. Norris gives Anthony training as Rita leaves. By the end of the day it is clear Anthony is tiring of Norris already. Mike shows his concern to Audrey about Alma's health. Hayley and Roy are concerned about Wayne as he leaves the cafe. Ashley goes home with some holiday brochures; he and Maxine kiss and make up. Alma tells Molly she wants to go away for a few days. Karen tells Steve and the dinner party guests she has got the caterers in - what she really means is she's ordered pizza. Steve, Karen, Vik and Bobbi have fun at the dinner party. Bobbi teases Karen that she hasn't had a honeymoon and Steve gives Karen tickets to Miami Beach. Alma and Audrey row as Audrey suspects that Alma still has feelings for Mike. Audrey doesn't want her to go away on her own. When Alma goes to leave they have a bigger row that ends with Alma saying they should sort out different living arrangements when she gets back. Wayne turns up at the cafe again and ends up staying the night. It turns out his stepfather Alex Swinton is hitting him. It is too much for Roy whose own stepfather hit him and both he and Hayley decide something has to be done to stop it happening to Wayne. Audrey breaks down in front of Molly, devastated by what's happening to Alma. She is also upset about their row and decides she has to find Alma in case the worst happens while she is away. Gail tells Audrey to ask Mike the whereabouts of the hotel. Audrey goes to Mike who goes on about how rough Alma looks and how she's stopped making an effort. Disgusted, Audrey lets slip that Alma has cancer and is terminally ill.


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