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Jason is broke and tells Eileen that it was Sally that tried it on with him. Molly still hasn't paid Kevin for the repairs to her car and Maxine is getting annoyed because Audrey has not been in the salon for weeks. It is Bethany's birthday and the Platts are having a party for her. Sarah gets a cheque from Neil Fearns's family. Audrey is concerned about the pain Alma is in. Eileen goes to confront Sally. Sally explains exactly what happened. Eileen is embarrassed but Sally tells her that Jason can have his job back. Audrey feels she needs a break from Alma and then agrees to give Maxine a pay rise. Gail and Audrey feel awkward when Sally comments on Alma's frail state. Eileen tells Jason to apologise to Sally and get his job back. She won't lend him money. Jason takes £20 out of her purse. Dennis catches him, there's a struggle when Dennis tries to get the money back and he ends up catching Jason on the nose. Alma is worried there are things she needs to say to people she loves before she dies. Jason decides to say that Dennis hit him on purpose. Kevin is upset as tomorrow will be the anniversary of baby Jake's death. Sally is concerned about him. Jason tells Eileen what happened to his nose and she begins to doubt Dennis. Alma plans a dinner party. Sarah is upset about her life and how she can't do things. She tells Hayley about the cheque from Neil's family. Dennis tells Eileen the truth and she believes him. Jason is upset and storms out.


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