Curly and Emma go to see Matt who confirms she is pregnant; Emma wants to keep it quiet and Curly reluctantly agrees. Karen persuades Steve to take her on a honeymoon to Florida. Ashley is certain that Maxine will leave him if they can't have children. Jason keeps trying to tell Sally how he feels. Sally tells him that she likes him but he reads it wrong and tries to kiss her. She rejects him and laughs which upsets him. Jason quits his job. Peter and Charlie talk about teaching but Ken gets the wrong idea and thinks Peter is interested. Ken is disappointed when Peter says he wants to be a bookmaker. Curly tells everyone in the Rovers that Emma is pregnant, this upsets Maxine who rushes out. Bobbi agrees to let Vik stay at her flat while Geena is away. Geena and Dev go on holiday. Maxine and Ashley row about having a baby. Fred tells Ashley he's stupid to throw everything away with Maxine and sometimes married couples have to make sacrifices. Ashley agrees to have the tests for Maxine who is thrilled. Emma tells Charlie that she doesn't think she's ready for a baby but doesn't know how to tell Curly. Emma tries to tell Curly how she feels but he is so happy she can't face it.


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