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Steve tells Karen he will sort something out about them living together. Maxine books another appointment with Matt but Ashley is worried he is abnormal. Curly gets a picture of Alice from France and tells Emma that he wished he could have known her as a baby. Kirk tells Jason to make a move on Sally. Matt tells Maxine and Ashley that she could get pregnant anyway but a worst-case scenario would be Ashley having an operation. Ken tells Peter to think about becoming a teacher but Peter doesn't seem impressed. Ashley tells Maxine that he doesn't want a baby enough to have an operation. Curly tells Matt he's made a start on the smear test campaign. Karen tells Eileen that she and Steve will be moving into No.11 so she will have to move out. Emma tells Maxine that she's always wanted kids but just not yet and if the other person wants it you should go with it because you love them. Eileen confronts Steve about moving out of No.11 and he tells her that Karen got it wrong; he doesn't want to live there. Steve tells Karen that Vik will move out of the flat. Ashley admits to Maxine that he's scared she won't want him if he can't get her pregnant. She tells him that she married him because she loved him. He asks if she would stay with him if the worst came to the worst - she doesn't reply. Shelley tells Peter that she told Duggie he was taking the whisky. Vik tells Steve that he's not moving out. Emma tells Curly she's pregnant - he is over the moon.


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