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Both Steve and Karen think the other one will not turn up to the register office, both though secretly want the other to turn up. Curly doesn't realise there is something wrong with Emma as he is too busy. Kirk, Todd and Candice tease Jason about Sally, Jason gets embarrassed and Candice is upset. Linda tells Steve that Karen will be upset if he doesn't turn up to the wedding. Matt tells Ashley the test results have arrived. The Underworld girls think they've won the bet when no one turns up but Steve appears. He then thinks that it was all a joke to make him look stupid but Karen then turns up. They decide to get married. Vera senses that Emma is unwell and tells Curly to look after her. Emma brushes off his concern saying that there is nothing wrong with her. Ashley tells Maxine that the test results are in and she rushes off to make an appointment. Dev is annoyed that Steve and Karen have got married as he was planning something romantic for Geena and thinks he has been upstaged. It is three weeks in Barbados. He surprises Geena with the tickets and she is thrilled. Matt tells Maxine and Ashley that Ashley's sperm count is low but they can't do anything for three months. Maxine and Ashley are upset by this. Karen and Steve both say they love each other but were too scared to say it.


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  • TV Times synopsis: It's Steve and Karen's big day - but will they go through with the bet? Meanwhile, Ashley's worst nightmare comes true.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 13,350,000 viewers (4th place - combined figure including repeat).
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