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Curly decides that as his new role as councillor he should invite people to a "mini-surgery" where people can tell him what they expect and want from him. Karen demands money from Steve for a wedding dress. Sunita realises that Dev is missing Geena and is obviously irritable without her and tells him to sort it out. Kirk teases Jason that there is something going on with him and Sally. Sunita tells Geena that Dev is miserable; Geena decides to go see him. She finds Dev on the phone making a date with another girl and storms off. The "mini-surgery" is full of pensioners and Emma is distracted so takes a walk. Dev and Sunita argue as Dev got the wrong idea about Sunita's comment. Everyone is at the Rovers for the stag and hen nights. Geena is getting drunk. Hayley disapproves of the wedding. The women go to a Salsa bar. Dev goes to the Rovers and finds out where the girls are. He goes to the Salsa bar and sees a drunk Geena with another man, he butts in and they go off to talk. Emma is on her own in the house and pulls out a pregnancy test from her handbag, she takes the test and is pregnant. Neither Steve nor Karen think the other will turn up to the wedding. Dev tells Geena he can never say how he feels, he is obviously confused because he feels strongly for her. They get back together.


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  • This forty-five minute episode was transmitted at 7.15pm.
  • TV Times synopsis: Emma makes a shocking discovery. Dev faces up to his feelings for Geena.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,810,000 viewers (7th place).

Notable dialogue[]

Blanche Hunt (to Curly Watts): ..."Dog muck. Wherever yer look there's dog muck. I mean, where does it all come from?"
Norris Cole: "Dogs mostly, I imagine."

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