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Duggie discovers the whisky is down. He fires Peter for stealing and watering it down. Karen tells Vik about Bobbi's book "Venus Mantrap" and that's why Bobbi has been playing hard to get. Vik is furious that she's been playing games with him. Jack thinks that the house is too small and that Tyrone and Maria should move out but Vera disagrees. Ashley takes Maxine for her first driving lesson. Vik finishes with Bobbi. Bobbi pleads with him to have her back saying that she agrees the book is stupid and they end up in bed. Geena asks Dev how serious he is about her. Dev is non-committal. Geena says that the relationship isn't going anywhere and she wants commitment but he's not prepared to give it so she finishes with him. Ashley says that he is not going to the clinic to provide a sperm sample.


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