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Molly is still avoiding paying Kevin for the work on the car. Maxine and Ashley decide to go for fertility tests. Duggie is fined £250 by customs and excise over the watered down whisky. Shelley tells him that she's seen Peter helping himself to the spirits. Duggie decides to catch him out. Geena tells Dev she would like to meet his mother. Dev says he feels that she is backing him into a corner. Geena is upset and storms out. Vik takes Bobbi out for another slap-up meal but he has to borrow the money from Dev. Afterwards Bobbi still refuses to sleep with him so Vik sleeps in the car. There's a very good article about Curly in the Gazette much to Audrey's chagrin. Shelley decides to try and organise a drag night in the Rovers. Duggie tries to catch Peter out by marking the optics before leaving the barman to lock up the pub.


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