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Curly is interviewed by Mick Crompton, a Gazette journalist about his election policies. Vik takes Bobbi to La Capricosa, a very upmarket restaurant. Karen is jealous as Steve doesn't treat her like that. Bobbi tells her it's because she's too easy. Gail panics when Audrey goes to see Matt in the medical centre and he picks up a leaflet on dealing with cancer. Gail is convinced that Audrey has cancer. Gail goes to see Alma thinking that Alma will know if Audrey is ill. Gail is shocked when Alma tells her that it is she who has cancer and not Audrey. Jason tells Sally that he saw Danny at the football yesterday and that he's moving away to Nottingham. Sally is disappointed. Ashley brings home the new car. Maxine is furious and tells him to take it back as it's a two-seater sports car and no use for when they have children.


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