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Both Gail and Martin receive their decrees absolute and are now divorced. They decide they will tell Sarah and David together. Audrey arrives back from Spain. Alma tells her that she's moving out to live in Much Wenlock with Frank. Curly is getting fed up with Audrey's lack of interest in canvassing for the election. She appears to expect Curly to do all the work. Duggie gets his DNA test back and it's negative. Duggie offers Peter his job back. Alma has an appointment at the medical centre. Matt tells her that she has a growth at the neck of her womb. He tells her that he's referring her to a specialist. Phil Simmonds calls round at No.5 to see Toyah. While Toyah is in the kitchen, Phil calls her name. Toyah immediately recognises the sound - it was Phil who called her name before raping her. Petrified, she tries to stay calm but screams at Phil to keep away from her, telling him she'll call the police. Phil violently grabs her. From outside Peter hears the screams, breaks in, rescues Toyah and catches Phil. Janice comforts her traumatised daughter.


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