Roy feels guilty for shouting at Fiz. Hayley comforts him and tells Fiz that Roy is sorry. Alma receives a letter from the doctors telling her she needs to go for another smear as there has been some "cock-up" with the results of a whole batch of screenings. Charlie confides in Toyah that she was raped too when she was a student. Peter Hartnell calls at the café to collect Fiz. Fiz has made an allegation against Roy saying that he hit her. Roy is devastated as he knows it's not true. Phil Simmonds calls in the Rovers and tells Duggie that he'll settle for £1,000 out of court. Duggie tells him where to go. Phil asks where Toyah is and Duggie tells him that she's been raped. Audrey, still in Spain, phones to say she's delayed so Curly has to start her election campaign without her. Matt is approached by the Gazette wanting to run a story on the "smear scare scandal". Matt gets rid of them.


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