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Geena calls round to see Toyah. Toyah tells her that she keeps going over the rape in her head. Duggie calls round to see Toyah and tells her that she can have her job back. Toyah is frightened of him; she thinks that perhaps it was he who raped her. Roy and Hayley start to foster a girl called Fiona but she tells them that she prefers to be called Fiz. She turns out to be quite awkward and Roy and Hayley feel a little out of their depth. Danny turns up at No.13. Sally begs him to give their relationship another chance but he refuses. Sally breaks down. Danny tells her that he's phoned the estate agent and cancelled the new house. He tells Sally that he wants £12,000 for his share of the shop. Fred and Evelyn go for dinner at Mike and Linda's flat. To everyone's shock, it turns out that Evelyn is Linda's mother. Fred leaves. He is unhappy when he realises that he's going out with the woman whose son held him at gunpoint in the Freshco siege. Frank asks Alma to live with him in Much Wenlock. Alma says she'll think about it. Fiz makes Roy and Hayley sit and watch a Glastonbury video. Ashley says the police are asking for everyone on the street to be DNA-tested. Adam tries again to persuade Mike to let him go back to his old school in Glasgow but Mike won't hear of it. Sam is interviewed by the police. Charlie tries to talk to Toyah as she wants to help but Toyah tells her to leave her alone. Fred decides not to punish Evelyn for what her son did. They decide to try again. Peter is hauled into the police station for a second round of questioning. Peter refuses to give a DNA sample so they arrest him on suspicion of rape. Norris witnesses this and tells everyone in the Rovers. Sally is still hoping that Danny will forgive her. Rita is sceptical and offers Sally a cheque for £12,000 to buy Danny's half of the shop. Sally reluctantly accepts. Alma decides that she will move to Much Wenlock and live with Frank. Ken goes to the police station. They have taken samples from Peter for DNA-testing and he's now free to go until the results come through. Ken and Peter go to the Rovers but everyone is very hostile as they all now suspect Peter of the rape. Adam runs away to No.1. He tells Deirdre that he can't bear to leave all his mates in Glasgow behind.


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Location 5022 5023
Coronation Street Main street view
Rovers Return Inn Public
1 Coronation Street N/A Back room, kitchen and hallway
5 Coronation Street Downstairs rooms
The Kabin N/A Shop
13 Coronation Street Back room, kitchen and hallway
Roy's Rolls Cafe
16a Victoria Street Living room/kitchen and Fiz's bedroom N/A
No. 4 Montreal House, Weatherfield Quays Living room/kitchen and hallway
Weatherfield Police Station N/A Interview room, front desk and corridor


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