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Duggie suspects that the draymen are helping themselves to the spirits in the cellar. Alma goes for lunch with Frank who is moving to Much Wenlock, Shropshire. Norris starts to take his census forms round the street. Toyah sees Phil Simmonds in The Kabin. She tries to be friendly but Phil is still upset with her for "siding" with Duggie. Sally is very worried about Kevin who is still missing. Gail tells her that she shouldn't be so hung up about her ex-husband. Sally tells Gail about Kevin making a pass at her, her rejecting him and then his disappearance. Sunita starts work in the corner shop. Deirdre is a bit peeved until Dev tells her that now Sunita is behind the counter, they can swan about managing the other shops. Toyah catches Peter in the Rovers' kitchen diluting the whisky with water. Peter tells Toyah to keep her mouth shut. Mike and Adam arrive back from Florida where they had a great time. To Mike's delight, Adam has started to call him "dad". Audrey starts canvassing for the election. She is the Independent Business Alliance candidate. Eileen asks her if the council have schemes to fund promising youngsters. She explains to Audrey about Jason wanting to go to Lanzarote. Audrey promises to look into it.


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