David confesses to Martin that he's scratched Sam's car. Martin tells him to say nothing but not to do it again. Ryan nicks some cash from the factory to pay Dennis. Linda knows it was him. Dennis gets £200 off Ryan and gives £100 to Tyrone who is therefore still owed more. Maria sees Tyrone counting his money and he has to lie and say it's his wages. Eileen finds some empty CD boxes under the stairs. Dennis and Jason have to tell Eileen the truth. Eileen is angry with Dennis for giving Jason money behind her back. Dennis tries to give the other £100 he collected from Ryan back to Jason but Eileen swipes it. Curly wants to discuss Audrey's manifesto with her but she is pre-occupied with her forthcoming business trip to Spain regarding possible twinning with Weatherfield. Sunita's parents turn up to hear her final decision. Sunita tells them she will not marry Deepak and they tell her she is no longer a member of the family. Dev offers her a job in the Corner Shop and the flat above. Sunita accepts. Fred chats up Evelyn again in her pub; she agrees to meet for dinner. Kevin confesses to Sally that he still wants her and that he reckons she wants him too. Sally is horrified. Kevin starts trying to kiss her and she has to push him away.


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