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Sally and Danny go and view a new house on The Willows development just off Park Road and decide to put their name down for one of the plots. Ryan delivers the dodgy CD players to Tyrone. Tyrone discovers that they are all just clip-on fronts with no mechanism. He's been had. Ashley isn't speaking to Fred. Fred tries to make the peace but Ashley won't listen. Toyah sees Peter helping himself to whisky behind the bar. Duggie offers Peter a full-time job behind the bar. Peter accepts. Audrey tells Peter she's going to represent Weatherfield on a town-twinning visit on the Costa del Sol, Spain. Sunita's parents try to persuade her to return home. They tell her that Deepak, her arranged husband, is prepared to wait and that she can still go to India and marry him. She refuses. Mina Parekh tells Sunita that she has until Friday to make up her mind, but if she turns her back on her father's wishes then she will cease to be a part of the family. Martin tells Gail that the reason he didn't go with Rebecca to Dubai is that he couldn't bear to turn his back on the family.


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