David is upset because Sam moves his car from the Platts' garage. Ryan offers Tyrone some stolen CD players to sell through the garage. Ryan tells Tyrone that they're legitimate and Tyrone believes him and agrees to try selling them thinking of the money he can make for the wedding. Jayesh Parekh, Sunita's brother comes into the shop looking for Sunita. Although Dev gets rid of him Jayesh smells a rat. Jayesh passes a photo of her round the Rovers. Peter asks Duggie for job as a barman in the Rovers. Duggie agrees. On Peter's first night behind the bar, he helps himself to the Scotch, unnoticed and then persuades Duggie, Matt and Vik to have a game of poker in the back. Vik wins. Martin and Gail have another row and David threatens to leave home. Martin and Gail decide that they will have a night in together and talk to the kids to try and smooth things over. Geena warns Dev and Sunita that Jayesh is looking for her. Sunita is beside herself and clings on to Dev. Geena feels sorry for her but feels uncomfortable about the physical contact with Dev.


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