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Gail tells Sarah that she believes her and they make up. Martin is still sceptical about Sam. Sarah is angry with Martin and Gail apologises to Sam. Jason only manages to raise £16 by washing cars and tells Dennis he's going to give up. Dennis tells him that he'll give him £300 towards Lanzarote so long as he doesn't mention it to Eileen. Jason is pleased. Norris is excited about being the newly appointed enumerator for the National Census. Fred decides to hold the Sausage Trail final at the cafe instead of the Rovers so as to take the business away from Duggie. Roy agrees but Fred has to donate a month's supply of sausages to the local Soup Run. Dev tells Deirdre about Sunita. Tyrone and Maria try to work out ways of saving money for their wedding. Sunita's parents Suresh and Mina Parekh turn up at the shop looking for Dev in the hope that he might know where their daughter is. He lies to them and says that he's no idea. Deirdre feels really guilty as Mrs Parekh seems very worried. Phil Simmonds visits Toyah in the Rovers. Phil is intending to sue Duggie for libel and wants Toyah to be the main witness. She refuses. Phil is furious especially when he realises that Toyah now works for Duggie. Geena, Bobbi and Linda take Sunita round to Dev's flat for a girlie night in. Sunita tells them all about her arranged marriage and how she is in hiding.


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