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Annie is short-tempered with Jack when she finds a glamour magazine in his bowling bag. Elsie is livid when Dennis admits that he turned down a Christmas job at the Post Office as it involved working nights. He storms out, determined to find a job. She warns him that she'll throw him out if he does anything illegal. Annie overhears Jack and Harry talking and realises it's about the magazine. They show her one of the pictured girls who is the granddaughter of a local man and tell her that's why they had the publication in their possession. Ena tells Harry there's a policeman knocking at his front door. Christine tells Esther that she feels May's come out of hospital too soon. Esther is surprised by someone she knows knocking at her back window. Ena, Minnie and Martha are interrupted in the snug by carol singers. They're from the Glad Tidings Mission Hall and catch Ena red-handed drinking. Esther's visitor is eleven-year old Lucille Hewitt, who has run away from her orphanage, wanting to be with her father for Christmas. Harry insists she goes back but she cries, feeling unwanted. Esther offers to help look after her for the holiday season. Lucille is delighted. Ena feels victimised by the Mission committee. Esther puts a reluctant Lucille up for the night as Harry has to work. Christine gets annoyed with May when she lectures her for not getting on with her well-to-do boyfriend Malcolm Wilkinson and thinks her breakdown is to blame. Ena feels dizzy but forces a confrontation with Swindley. In the middle of their argument, she suddenly collapses and he calls on Mission helper Miss Nugent to look after her while he fetches a doctor. Ivan assures Linda that he doesn't mind if they have a boy or a girl and they discuss names. To her delight, he insists they give up their flat and get a house. Dennis comes home late with a wad of money. Elsie thinks he has been up to something illegal again.


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